Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Habits You Choose: 

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the word DIET… remove the T and the word left is DIE… I sure is hell don’t want to spend the rest of my life on a DIET… Dying inside because I’m overwhelmed with the Do’s and Don’ts! It will put you into a spiral of a self-defeating sabotage. 

So clear your head, get quiet and go within. You know yourself the best. There is not a one size fits all in the weight-loss journey and reducing inflammation. You must decide that your body is a temple and you are worth every bit of goodness you can pepper you’re being with. 

By removing refined carbohydrates, red meats, and fried foods that raise inflammation in your body. Swap out unhealthy foods that cause inflammation by replacing them with fruits that are high in antioxidant’s, vegetables, nuts, beans, and fish.  You know the Jam, get off the Diet merry-go-round…no more shakes, potions, lotions or magic pills to shed those pounds in days. That shit will make you dazed and confused!🫣  

Plan your menu ahead of time and it can be helpful to food prep by washing, dicing your vegetables and putting into individual containers. Create a system that works best for you.

Get your ZZZ’s!!!! Studies have shown not enough rest can cause inflammation. 

Taking good supplements that will give you the extra support needed by reducing inflammation naturally.  Although you need to be careful on where your supplements come from, because they can end up doing more harm than good by creating free radicals in your body.  The best supplements will have independent studies to back them. 

Working out is important for heart health and overall wellbeing. But it is not an automatic loose weight.  People with inflammation issues caused from hormonal imbalances, thyroid auto-immune issues, and so on do not loose weight easily. And you shouldn’t have to workout even harder because unfortunately that can create more inflammation. Often times your adrenals glands are shot and you need to do more gentle exercise’s such a pilates, yoga and walking.

Incorporate a healthy balanced lifestyle overtime, just follow your inner compass and you won’t be steered wrong.  However, if you need some extra guidance, I’d be happy to take that journey with you!

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